Teeth Whitening from Cross City Dental in Dixie County, Florida

For more beautiful smiles, teeth whitening is a commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure. Why so common? Because it’s quick, easy, non-invasive, and, most importantly, effective, giving you smile makeover in a matter of days and the comfort of your own home. Cross City Dental offers patients from all over Dixie County the ability to achieve a whiter smile with customized whitening kits.

How does take-home teeth whitening work? You visit Cross City Dental to have impressions taken, which are then used to make whitening trays that fit you perfectly. You then take the trays and specially formulated whitening solution home, where you wear the trays for a certain amount of time each day. Wear the trays while you watch TV, clean the house, walk the dog…after three or four days, you’ll see a definite difference in your smile. And when your smile is brighter, so is your overall appearance!

Take-home teeth whitening from your dentist’s office is a more effective method than the whitening strips you’ll find at the drug or grocery store because professional whitening solutions provided by a dentist are stronger, and customized trays mean better coverage. Don’t skimp on your smile! Visit Cross City Dental for your teeth whitening needs.

Take-home teeth whitening from Cross City Dental is so easy, there’s no reason to wait any longer for that smile makeover. Contact our Cross City, Florida dental office today to discuss teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry procedures that might work for your smile. We have brightened the smiles of people from Chiefland, Old Town, Steinatchee, and nearby Dixie County communities, bettering lives in the process.