Cross City Dental Provides Restorative Dentistry for Bringing Smiles Back to Life

What happens when we find a cavity or your smile loses a tooth? At Cross City Dental in Cross City, Florida, we repair the damage with restorative dentistry care. Dr. Illya Novikov is trained in a wide range of restorative dental care procedures including root canal therapy, dental implant placement, and full-mouth reconstruction, which allows us to offer the services you need to stay healthy throughout your entire life. If your smile has encountered damage, whether due to decay, disease, or dental injury, Cross City Dental can bring it back to life.

Comprehensive Restorative Dental Care for Dixie County

Our restorative dentistry services include:

From simple cases of dental decay to complex problems with missing teeth, we’re equipped to take on your smile damage and provide you with a solution.

The Basics of Restorative Dentistry: Crowns and Fillings

Most people will need at least one dental filling during their lifetime. We offer composite resin tooth-colored fillings, which are preferable to silver amalgam fillings for a number of reasons. By providing metal free, mercury free fillings using composite resin, you get a healthier option free of toxic materials, and the result is a more natural-looking smile.

Dental crowns can be necessary if damage is more complex or you’ve had a procedure such as root canal therapy. We offer porcelain crowns to keep your smile looking great while increasing dental strength and stability.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a common procedure that takes care of infections deep inside the tooth. A chamber, called the root canal, runs through your tooth, housing the dental nerve (or pulp). This nerve can become infected, causing tooth pain and eventually spreading the infection elsewhere or leading to the loss of the tooth. Root canal therapy clears away the infected tooth nerve, detoxifying the tooth and restoring it to health.

If your smile has been neglected or you feel that you’re not at your best, contact Cross City Dental for an appointment to discuss your restorative dentistry options. Whether you’re in Steinatchee, Old Town, Chiefland, or elsewhere in Dixie County, Florida, you’ll find the care you need at our Cross City dental practice. We look forward to helping you rediscover oral health.