Crown and Bridgework from Cross City Dental

Missing teeth pose a big threat to the overall function and health of your mouth. You can lose teeth for a variety of reasons, including gum disease, root canal infection, extensive decay, and injury or trauma. Once a tooth or teeth are lost, it damages more than your self-confidence; serious complications can arise from even a single missing tooth. Cross City Dental offers crown and bridgework, as well as dentures and partials and dental implants, as a way to replace missing teeth to protect against future problems.

A fixed bridge consists of one or several replacement teeth that are permanently placed where you’ve lost your natural teeth. The fixed bridge is held in place with crowns, hence the term “crown and bridgework.” If you’re only missing a few teeth in one spot and have sturdy, healthy teeth remaining to which we can anchor a fixed bridge, this option can be a great choice for tooth replacement.

Cross City Dental also offers the residents of Dixie County, Florida dentures and partial dentures as an option for replacing teeth. The main difference between a crown and bridge and a partial denture is that a partial denture is removable. Dr. Illya Novikov at Cross City Dental can help you figure out which form of tooth replacement will work best with your current state of oral health and your budget.

If you’re missing teeth, contact Cross City Dental for an appointment as soon as possible to discuss the various ways we can help. Beyond serving Cross City, Florida, we also see patients from Steinatchee, Old Town, Chiefland, and nearby communities. We want to help you achieve a full, complete smile with tooth replacement from Cross City Dental.